A LIVER transplant recipient has started a YouTube channel during lockdown boredom to raise awareness around BAME organ donation.

Ghulam Mustafa, from Burnley, received a new liver in March 2017, so when the coronavirus lockdown began he was forced to self-isolate.

The dad of five then decided to start a YouTube cooking channel to keep himself occupied and to also talk about how important BAME organ donation is, as it saved his life.

He said: “My channel is dedicated to transplant heroes and transplant receivers.

“It is because of the BAME organ donations that I am better today, and my life has changed dramatically since then.

“I want to create awareness around it because it saves lives.”

Mr Mustafa started the channel on the first day the lockdown began.

He said: “On the first day, I thought about how I was going to spend all this time and I felt so down, and thought I would start a channel to talk about how I was feeling.

“As the days went on it became the highlight of my day and I was even planning what I would say because it got me through the time.”

Before the transplant, the 49-year-old was told he would have to cut out eating unhealthy foods, so he started making takeout foods at home instead, such as fish burgers.

He said: “When I started the channel, it was just me talking about what was happening, but then I got some comments telling me to make something.

“I didn’t usually cook a lot, so I tried something new and it has gone well.”

Some of the dishes include biriyani, parmesan chicken and even a Spanish omelette.

Mr Mustafa usually lives with three of his five children and wife but when the virus started he went to live with his son, whose wife had gone to Pakistan.

He moved back after five weeks and his daughter and her husband also moved in with the family, so that they could all spend the lockdown together.

He said: “When I was away, I could not see anybody else and I got bored.

“My son was very protective of me during the time, he would even wipe down all the door handles etc.

“When you’re at home for so long it is hard to find things to do.”