MANY pubs in Lancashire are preparing to open tomorrow, Saturday, excited to welcome back their old customers.

However, some pubs are remaining shut over safety concerns.

In order for a pub to open, it needs to meet certain health and safety criteria laid out by the UK government. Social distancing and strict hygiene rules must be adhered to.

Rules around pubs reopening

If a pub is unable to meet these requirements and government guidance, they might not be able to open immediately.

Here are some rules pub owners must adhere to in order to keep staff and customers safe:

Social distancing

People are still required to stay two metres apart (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable) even in a pub.
This might require some pubs to remove tables in order for people to maintain that distance.

Track and trace

Pubs have been asked to keep a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days.

Managing outside queues

The queues outside the pub must not cause a risk to an individual or cause issues for another business.


There must be clear guidance around the pub on social distancing an hygiene. Pubs should encourage customers to use hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities as they enter.

Contactless payment

Card and app payments, instead of cash, is encouraged.

Pubs that aren't reopening this weekend:

The White Swan at Fence

This gastropub will be open at a much later date of 14th July.
On their Facebook page, they said customers will be able to book in online from the 29th of June.

The Drummer's Arms, Blackburn

The Drummer’s Arms still haven’t decided on an opening date- but it won’t be the 4th July.
The company want to be sure their pub is safe to staff and customers, as there is “limited space” in the pub.

In their Facebook post, they wrote: “After a lot of careful consideration, we've decided to hold off opening until we've received more clear and detailed guidelines from the Government.

“I'll be checking round to see how others that do open up get on (a tough job, but somebody has to do it!).

“In the meantime we'll be continuing with the improvements we've been making around the place since the start of lockdown.”

The Brownhill Arms, Blackburn

 Although this pub was initially prepared to open on Saturday, landlady of the pub, Beryl Smith, said it was not safe to reopen pubs just yet.

Ms Smith said she will “review” the situation next week and confirm a new opening date.

In a post on the company’s Facebook page, she said: “The planned opening of the pub, will not take place on the 4th of July.

“After discussions with Police and other authorities, we could not guarantee the safety of our loyal customers.

“We have worked so hard and spent the lockdown refurbishing the pub. Everything was ready for take-off this weekend.”

Bees Knees, Burnley

This Burnley pub is opening from Friday 10th of July.
Customers will be able to book a table from Monday (6th July).

Their Facebook page highlights the new recommended safety measure put in place, including wearing a face mask while moving around, frequent hand washing, and remaining seated as much as possible.

The Hyndburn Bridge, Hyndburn

 The Hyndburn will be open at 4pm on Monday 6th.
The later start will allow them to put procedures in place to keep staff and customers safe.

On Monday, the pub will be open for drinks only. On Tuesday, they will have drinks and a limited food menu available. 

In a Facebook post the company said: “This will give us almost 2 weeks to think out, and put in place procedures that will ensure customers and staff are safe as we embrace the ‘new normal’.

“Difficult as times have been - there have been pubs in Britain since Roman times - I think that will continue! Looking forward to seeing you all again!"