A HOMELESS man has once again appeared in front of a judge for breaching his suspended sentence after being found by police on Morrisons car park.

Russell Summers has appeared in front of both magistrates and crown court judges on numerous occasions over the last year for entering areas in Blackburn that he is banned from by criminal behaviour orders.

The 54-year-old, of no fixed abode, this week appeared in front of Judge Beverley Lunt who had previously imposed a suspended sentence upon him.

Preston Crown Court heard that Summers had once again found himself with a court date after entering onto Morrisons car park, a spot regularly used by rough-sleepers looking for somewhere to shelter.

Judge Lunt said: “You’ve been committed here by the magistrates for me to deal with you and this is what is going to happen every time because it is my suspended sentence.

“Today, for one day only, I’m giving you a conditional discharge for six months. It does not seem justified to activate the sentence for this offence but frankly, if I see you again I’m going to have to.

“It is not rocket science – keep off Morrisons car park. We know you can do it – you do it for months at a time and then suddenly you’re on it again and I’m fed up with it.”

Judge Lunt added: “You’ve got Ribble Valley Housing trying to help and you’ve got Shelter and it doesn’t appear you are turning up to talk to them.”

Addressing Judge Lunt, Summers said: “I’ve been trying to get a place, I had one last week but it fell through. It’s all just very difficult at the moment with this health scare going on.”

Judge Lunt responded: “I do understand it is difficult, but I have got to keep you off Morrisons car park, that is my problem.

“I don’t want to send you to prison to do that but if I have to I will.”

When Summers apologised, Judge Lunt said: “It’s not me you need to apologise to, it is the poor police that keep getting dragged out to pull you off the car park. Trust me, in this day and age with the virus about they have better things to do."