A HOMELESS man kicked off when he was approached by a police officer outside a Blackburn store.

Blackburn magistrates heard Cameron Outram started shouting at the officer and denied that he had been begging.

Outram, 21, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour. He was fined £40 with £85 costs and £34 victim surcharge.

Peter Kelly, prosecuting, said an officer saw Outram sitting outside JYSK on Grimshaw Park at 12.15 pm.

"He went to speak to him and the defendant immediately became agitated," said Mr Kelly. "He denied begging and spat on the floor. Members of the public were walking past and were clearly affected by his behaviour."

Gareth Price, defending, said his client had spent 27 hours in the cells for a non-imprisonable offence.

"He is homeless and feels he comes to the attention of the police, and this officer in particular, quite regularly," said Mr Price. "That perhaps explains the animosity displayed."