TWO street dealers who planned to flood a music festival with the drug ketamine were foiled by police before the event.

James Barr and Jason Jackson planned to sell the drug at the Beat-Herder Festival in the Ribble Valley last July but officers raided their homes, finding £84,930 worth of drugs including cannabis, cocaine, ketamine and more than 4,000 ecstasy tablets.

Counterfeit money, a cannabis farm, scales, snap-bags, mobile phones, a machete, an axe and a knuckle-duster were also found in the Darwen homes of Barr and Jackson.

Prosecuting, Lisa Worsley said the defendants, along with several others, were involved in the distribution of Class A drugs as well as the production of cannabis.

Ms Worsley also said examination of the mobile phones found in the raids gave an insight into the pair’s network, an idea of the amount of dealing, and plans for their product.

She said: “There is significant conversation with an Ireland-based number in relation to the purchase of 5,000 pills. The defendant, Barr, responded within that conversation to say he had 4,500 left.

“It is also relevant to note that there is a related conversation with another man, a Darwen nominal known to the police, regarding the purchase of ketamine.

“There is then a conversation about how they would get the drugs past security staff at the Beat-Herder festival where it seems the drugs were to be sold.”

The two men were charged with several counts of possession with intent to supply, with Barr also being sentenced for an extra charge relating to the counterfeit money found in his home.

Defending Barr, 25, Mark Stuart said that while his client had been in trouble in the past, he had never been involved with the supply of drugs.

He said: “Mr Barr and his co-defendant are friends and have been for some time.

“Unfortunately, they became in debt to others and were told they had to pay it off.”

David Farley, for Jackson, 24, added: “My client started taking drugs at a young age and this turned into a habit when he witnessed his daughter being mauled by a dog, an act which has left him with PTSD.

“It was his drug habit that led him to this after he got in debt. He decided with his friend that it would be a good idea to sell the drugs at a music festival.”

Barr, of Gordon Street, Darwen was sentenced to seven years and seven months in prison and Jackson of Marsh House Lane, Darwen is to serve five years.