A MUM who took an overdose of prescribed medication while her children and ex-partner were in the house could have done so as a ‘cry for help’.

An inquest at Preston heard 43-year-old Kerry O’Sullivan was found collapsed in the bedroom of her Spencer Street, Accrington home by her young son on April 23.

Coroner James Newman said she had a history of self-harm, depression and anxiety, and had intentionally overdosed before.

The court was told after a night of heavy drinking with ex-partner David Eccleston, she was discovered on the floor, surrounded by a large quantity of medication and an open bottle of wine, the inquest heard.

The inquest was told she had a high level of a known painkiller in her system at the time of her death, as well as ethanol.

Her ex-partner said he was with Kerry for nine months but they broke up in March. On April 22 they went for a walk to sort things out, returning to Kerry’s to watch a film and drink alcohol. But an argument broke out and Kerry smashed a plate.

Mr Eddleston said he was going to leave “as the relationship was never going to work” but stayed on a sofa before departing the following morning.

The court was told he later sent texts to Kerry but received a message back saying she had died.

The inquest heard Kerry had said several times she was going to overdose but had never followed through with the threats.

Returning a narrative conclusion, Mr Newman said Kerry died due to the combined effects of alcohol and an overdose of prescribed medication.

He added: “It’s not clear to me whether this was a deliberate act or an attempt to garner further care and attention. Therefore, given she knew her partner was in the address, as were her children, I can’t rule out that this wasn’t an attempt to be found and then rescued.”