A DISABLED wheelchair user wants to start a powerchair football team with his friends.

Reece Taylor from Rawtenstall is an avid Burnley FC fan and dreamed of playing for his own football team.

The thirty-year-old joined the Lancashire Spitfires, a powerchair team made by his friend and coach Warren Jones, who also recently started an all-girls youth team.

Mr Taylor said: “Football is about diversity and we want to provide that with this new team.

“I have been watching football since I was four-years-old and supporting Burnley in all of their matches ever since I was a young boy.

“When you are disabled you know you will never be able to play football.”

The team will be one of the only teams in East Lancashire as the only closest team is the Bolton Bullets.

They will be based in Blackburn with Darwen as the girls' team aged 5-12 play at Darwen Vale High School.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s a small area and there are not many teams here except in bigger cities.

“When I was a young boy I felt very isolated and there was nothing I could do that was fun.

“I want to help young people like me to have a place they feel they belong especially because not many disabled people can get out to meet people, so this can create a social circle.

“I want to feel what it is like to play a contact sport like this.”

Mr Jones supported Mr Taylor for several years when he was younger, as the duo have known each-other for nine years.

Mr Jones said: “Reece has always been into football and when he told me he wanted to make his own team, I wanted to help make his dream come true.

“We really thrive and believe in empowering those who require a little extra support to join the game."

He originally set up a girls team with his business partner John Root, after his own daughter Layla Jones got into football, and who has now been scouted for the Blackburn Rovers under nines team.

The only problem for the team was the issue of funding, as providing the equipment for the team would prove expensive.

Mr Jones set up a fundraiser and the team have had £1400 in donations so far and hope to raise at least £3200.

To donate visit Go Fund Me and search for Lancashire Spitfires Powerchair Football.