MEET Rory the super giraffe ­— who is walking 120 miles in support of his beloved Chester Zoo.

At just three years old, Rory Clarke is completing the challenge dressed as his favourite animal.

Earlier this month, Chester Zoo warned the Government it faced permanent closure if they were not allowed to reopen soon to visitors who provide their income.

During lockdown, mum Hannah explained to Rory why he could not visit the zoo and the giraffe fanatic wanted to know if the animals were okay.

This prompted Mrs Clarke to suggest walking to help raise money and Rory fell in love with the idea.

She said: “Rory can only walk two miles in an hour, but he does not complain or get bored. He puts a giraffe sticker onto a drawing every time he completes a mile. I hope he looks back and is proud of himself for doing this one day.”

Mrs Clarke had made the costume for a birthday party before lockdown, but now Rory wears it while walking.

Rory, from Barrow in the Ribble Valley, started the challenge four weeks ago and has completed 50 miles. Zoos were given the green light to reopen last week but his parents have not told him the news while he continues with his challenge.

The fundraiser has reached £740, with $100 donated by a Canadian zoologist.

Mrs Clarke said: “He loves watching David Attenborough on TV and knows so much about animals, that even we don’t know.

“I used to take him to Chester Zoo a lot and he would buy so many little animals and usually wants the weird and wonderful ones like an oryx.

“He knows why he is doing it and if he meets someone on the walk, he tells them he’s Rory the super giraffe and he’s trying to save the animals.”

The family usually walk eight miles a few times a week, stopping every two hours for Rory’s snack and to feed his four-month-old brother Finlay.

Rory said: “I love giraffes so much that when my mummy asked me what super hero I’d like to be I said a super giraffe.”

The family have had lots of supportive messages from all over the world, including Canada and Australia.

Mrs Clarke said: “I am brimming with pride because he is so determined and for me it is really important to teach him to look after the world around him.”

To donate to the fundraiser visit Just Giving and search Rory the super giraffe.