ANGRY residents have complained to the council after flood-proof doors did not stop water getting into their homes.

Whalley New Road in Blackburn was left a mess after the storm flooded the homes of many on the road, forcing some to find alternative accommodation temporarily.

Residents complained the flood-proof doors they had installed and for which they were given grants for, have done nothing to prevent their homes being flooded.

One resident said: “The council has failed to protect our homes.

“For the third time now, water levels have risen due to heavy rainfall and our houses are damaged.

“After countless complaints to the council, we were provided with flood-proof doors, which only let double the amount of water in.

“We were left sweeping buckets of water from our houses.”

Residents of Whalley New Road came out to help clean the streets.

Bastwell and Daisyfield Ward councillor Iftakhar Hussain said: “Residents have a right to be concerned, the state of the road was a mess.

“I think the council and United Utilities need to dig deep and find out how this keeps happening.

“I have been down and spoken to the residents and the water had gone inside all the properties, so they are not happy.

“Businesses in the area have also been affected.”

Shaukat Hussain, also Bastwell and Daisyfield Ward councillor, said: "After receiving a number of phone calls and WhatsApp images regarding the floods I rang the council's out of office emergency number and arranged for the gully and drain cleaning wagons and then went onsite to view the damage.

"I spoke to many residents and business and liaised with our council civil contingency people to make sure all the residents were safe for the night.

"Officers were out until late and provision was made for one family for overnight accomdation but they instead went to to close family nearby.

"A report is due out soon on the work that is being carried out by the council and United Utilities to stop this from recurring.

Previously grant funding was secured for 11 residents/ properties to spend on flood defenses. This needs looking into, as to why it didn't work."

A resident said: “My fellow neighbours who recently moved in were distraught. We need the support of the council, we need action and someone needs to be held responsible.”

Irrtezah Rashid lives nearby and had gone to help his uncle, whose living room and porch was flooded.

He said: “I went down around 6.15pm and the majority of people were outside, and two police cars were there too.

"Cars parked outside the houses would not start and have needed help in being pushed.

“One thing I will say is that the community came together to help each other out.”

Blackburn Council denied it had recommended the doors but had just allocated the money which was supplied by the government to tackle flooding in areas where homes were affected.

A list was given to the council, from which residents could choose where they wanted to get the doors from.

A council spokesman said: “The council has a duty to investigate flooding incidents within its area which are considered 'necessary and appropriate' to investigate and determine which agencies or individuals have responsibility for taking remedial action.”