A 57-year-old man who smashed the rear window of a car which was stopped in traffic was found to be carrying a spiked knuckleduster.

Blackburn magistrates heard the men in the car claimed they did not know Basharat Khan. But Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client had responded to bullying.

Khan, 57, of Audley Range, Blackburn, admitted causing £600-worth of damage to the rear window of a BMW 4 Series belonging to Asad Barlas and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place. He was remanded on bail until July 9 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said the BMW was stopped in Whalley Range.

“Mr Barlas says he doesn’t know the defendant, who ran towards the car and punched the window two or three times until it smashed,” said Mr Robinson. “When they went to chase after him he waved the spiked knuckledusters.”

Mr Taylor said: “The two men in the car say they don’t know him but he says they do. He says they have been bullying him over a period of time and he has reacted to that when they have been stationary in traffic."