Three men have been arrested in connection with a burglary in Burnley after crashing into a wall during a police chase.

On Saturday afternoon, officers spotted a black Ford Focus with false registration plates driving near Todmorden Road, where a house was burgled in broad daylight on Thursday.

Police began to chase the suspect and deployed a stinger to deflate the tyres, and the car soon crashed into a wall on Stewart Street.

The three men ran into a wooded area but were caught by police shortly afterwards.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: "Today, officers have sighted the vehicle travelling through Burnley and managed to put patrols in place, who successfully deployed a stinger and managed to deflate the vehicle's tyres.

"The vehicle has then made off before crashing into a wall on Stewart Street. Three males have then attempted to run off from the vehicle into the wooded area of Townley Golf Club.

"Unfortunately for them they weren’t quick enough - all three were arrested on suspicion of burglary."

The suspects were taken to Greenbank Custody and are waiting to be interviewed.