A CAR crashed into some parked vehicles in Darwen on Friday night. 

The incident took place after 11pm on Olive Lane involving a Volkswagen Passat locals believe had been involved in a police chase.

Ryan Cameron, who lives on Olive Lane, was shocked to hear a loud bang outside his door.

He said: "I had my headphones in at the time and still managed to hear it.

"It shook me up a bit.

"The car that was on the footpath was a stationary vehicle that was crashed into, and then knocked down a lamppost.

"There are so many speed bumps on the road but it doesn't really slow anyone down.

"From what I believe it could have been a police chase as there was an unmarked police car on the scene almost immediately, followed by a marked car. The driver of the Volkswagen Passat ran from the scene.

"It was very lucky no one was hurt. If someone had been walking on the path or a car had been coming in the opposite direction it could have been much worse than it was.

"For the people that live in the house directly around the crash it was pretty scary seeing such a big collision and the debris off the cars and a knocked down lamppost across the street."

Cllr Roy Davies, who represents the Olive Lane area, said: "This road is notorious for crashes and cars travelling at high speeds.

"We really need something done to stop it as it is getting like Brands Hatch.

"Lockdown has been relaxed a bit and children are now out walking and playing on the streets all the time.

"The annoying thing is that these people don't worry about safety of others.

"We want these people caught, if that is the only way to do it.

"We have some speed cushions on the road but they are not working and we need it to stop."