A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl saved her mum’s life when she started having seizures and fits on the floor of their home.

Kelsie Cassidy was getting ready to attend her first class of the day at St Antony’s RC Primary School in Blackburn when her epileptic mum Karen starting fitting at their Shadsworth home.

But rather than panic at the situation, Kelsie found a phone and tried to call her dad, Tim, who had just left to go to work.

And when she couldn’t get through to him, she continued ringing around family and friends until eventually Tim’s brother, who he works with, answered the phone.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, proud dad Mr Cassidy said: “We couldn’t be prouder of the way she handled the whole situation. She remained calm and knew what she needed to do.

“Without getting help quickly, Karen would have been left fitting on the floor – she could have died.”

Warehouse manager Mr Cassidy jumped into his car the moment the alarm was raised, calling the doctor, who urged him to get his wife to the hospital as soon as possible.

He said: “When I walked through the front door Kelsie was sitting on the floor next to Karen, holding her hand and stroking her saying ‘it’s ok mummy, you’re going to be ok’

“Not only was she incredible at comforting Karen and staying calm, but she rang all the people she could think of who might be able to help until she managed to get a hold of my brother, who told me straight away as we work together.

“We’re so incredibly proud of her and her and the way she has acted – she’s never had to deal with that before.

“At the end of it all, she was only interested in knowing if she could go back to school that day.”

Mrs Cassidy was taken to hospital where she spent four hours being assessed by doctors, who have now referred her back to the epilepsy team.

The 39-year-old has recovered well, with Mr Cassidy adding: “It could have been much worse, but we’re just happy this all played out the way it did.”

Kelsie has now been recognised at school by headteacher Heather McGowan, who said staff and pupils were impressed by her handling of the situation.

She said: “We hand out badges for pupils' different achievements and they wear them on their ties. It would be very rare that we give out the special achievement award, but when we heard about what Kelsie did we were so proud and it felt right to give her one.”