Last week all 15 councils in Lancashire for the first time backed the principle of a new county combined authority.

The idea of a 'super council', as it's been dubbed, has been supported by Blackburn with Darwen Borough's Labour leader Cllr Mohammed Khan.

Lancashire Telegraph:

But the proposal, which has been in discussion for more than four years, has not gone down lightly with our readers, many of whom reside in East Lancashire's five other borough councils, and many of whom are not happy.

On Facebook, Anthony Perkins said: "Waste of money and totally unnecessary.

"Hyndburn don't want it, Pendle don't want it, Ribble Valley don't want it."

One website subscriber said: "When are the people of Lancashire going to be consulted on this issue?"

With another commenting: "In the past there has been consultation on the issue, and this is what should happen here.

"Local authorities like Burnley have been frightened of losing what little power they have, and their well paid jobs, over this matter.

"Do not believe they will agree to this joint approach, they will scream and scream until they are sick."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The proposal of the super council also riled people in the Ribble Valley, leading one disgruntled resident to set up a petition.

Emma Dickinson-Gater launched the online petition on Tuesday and so far 4,780 have signed it in the hope it will stop their local authority being taken over.

She said: "Blackburn with Darwen Council have proposed a super council, which will absorb the current Ribble Valley.

"We Valley residents stood firm last time this was proposed.

"It's time to do so again.

"We will NOT be accepting this. We want to remain separate and independent.

"The proposal is ridiculous.

"The Ribble Valley is not up for being split up, amalgamated with anyone.

"We are staying just as we are. Back off Blackburn."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another Ribble Valley resident said: "Please don't do it.

"Keep Clitheroe as it is, an unchanged town that has not been spoiled over time with more pubs and takeaways unlike Darwen with far to many takeaways and pubs and no clothes and shoe shops."

And one reader commented: "The Ribble Valley is beautiful with lovely scenery and lovely high-end hotels like Mitton Hall, and lovely restaurants such as Northcote Manor, and lovely tea shops for afternoon tea that serve good quality food and has nice delicatessens, unlike Blackburn which is a dump full of fast foods joints and cheap shops."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Some councillors waded in on the proposal with Burnley's opposition leader, Cllr Mark Townsend, warning of a 'Preston takeover' and said his authority was in danger of 'sleepwalking to oblivion'.

While leader of Ribble Valley Borough Council, Cllr Stephen Atkinson, also made clear that it has no intention of joining an all-purpose East Lancashire super-council and vowed to fight for his borough's independence.

Cllr Atkinson said: "I am very disappointed that some council leader’s have used this unanimity to go a giant step further and set out their plans to reorganise the local government structure in Lancashire.

"Speaking for the residents and businesses of Ribble Valley I can’t see any desire to be taken over by a Greater Blackburn or any one else.

"I will do my best to protect the independence of Ribble Valley, until the residents of the Ribble Valley tell me different."

Lancashire Telegraph: