A STARK warning has been issued following reports that an illegal rave is due to take place in Lancashire tonight.

Officers have said they are aware that an ‘illegal rave event’ may take place, stating an increased police presence will be in operation across the county in a bid to stop the event from going ahead.

Extra patrols will be monitoring routes in key locations, with police bosses saying they will turn people around if they have reason to believe they are travelling to the rave.

It is believed that the event was scheduled to take place on the Fylde Coast.

Similar events across the region, including two raves in Greater Manchester last weekend, have already proved unregulated and unsafe – with many taken to hospital after the gatherings.

A police spokesman said: “The law around gatherings of more than six people to protect everyone from coronavirus is also still in place. Whilst we have always taken a proportionate approach to how we police these regulations throughout the pandemic, we will not allow people to organise significant illegal gatherings purely for gain.

“We understand that it has been a difficult time for everyone recently, particularly young people who won’t have been able to socialise with their friends in the environments they are used to, but the coronavirus regulations are still in place and they are there to protect people and save lives. The virus definitely hasn’t gone away and many areas of the North West continue to see high infection rates.

“If you are a parent or guardian, please pass on the message that these events can be harmful to your children’s health and they could end up getting themselves into trouble. Recent events in the region, which have been unregulated and unsafe, have seen serious physical and sexual assaults reported and the safety of people at them simply can’t be guaranteed.

“Please call us on 101 if you see anything you are concerned about, including any suspicious behaviour, anti-social behaviour or significant gatherings.”