AN adventurous cat is recovering from a broken leg after being kicked while lost.

Benji, the 11-month-old Bengal returned home on Tuesday from Animal Trust Vet to his owner 32-year-old Aimee Crankshaw in Accrington.

The Bengal cat was left with a broken femur while the bruising made him anaemic after going missing on June 11.

When Miss Crankshaw noticed he had not come home for his dinner, she checked his GPS tracker, which at first showed all his normal hangouts, including the Express Gifts car park in Accrington.

Later, the tracker showed he was on the M65.

Miss Crankshaw said: “Our hearts were racing at this point and panicking thinking that someone has stolen him.

“We had my mum come and sit in the house as our baby was asleep, and we shot out in the car to chase him down.”

This led to a wild cat chase as the couple trailed Barrowford, then over the A56 towards Haslingden and then down the M66 towards Bury.

Miss Crankshaw said: “We didn’t know what to think.

“The tracker had updated again and had stopped on the map, showing him at a tram stop and I just thought someone was dumping him.

“As we turned the corner to the tram stop, we saw in front of us a 24 hour vets and I felt sick."

The couple noticed a man on his way to the vets and asked if he had a Bengal, who confirmed he did.

His girlfriend, who worked at Express Gifts, had found the cat under her car and they had drive to the vet for him.

Miss Crankshaw then took him to the 24 hour Animal Trust vets in Bolton, where the vet confirmed he had broken his leg so smoothly, that it had to be a kick from someone.

Miss Crankshaw said: “Hearing this made my blood boil, how could anyone even consider doing that to a helpless animal?

“The person that did it will have known they hurt him, which is sickening.

“He will have hobbled away from them and he will have cried more than likely, so what kind of person does that?”

Benji needed an operation to fix his leg and this has left the couple with a bill of £1200.

Miss Crankshaw said: “This has caused a lot of heartache and given us a seriously big vet bill to cover."