A REVIEW of the licence for a Padiham pub is set to be discussed next week after concerns over a party being held there during lockdown.

In April, the Lancashire Telegraph reported how a bar manager was fined and sacked by employers at the Kings Arms for breaching coronavirus guidelines.

Police had responded to reports on Easter Monday and broke up the illegal gathering being held with loud music and people smoking outside.

Speaking at the time, landlady Michaela Hannah Harrington posted on social media that she had been left ‘devastated’ and ‘outraged’ by the actions of the manager and fully supported the police action.

But now, Burnley Council’s licensing committee will meet next Tuesday morning to discuss whether their licence should be revoked or conditions imposed on the current owners on the basis of risk to public safety for opening during lockdown.

In the report, PC Michael Jones said that police had received information that the premises was holding ‘lock-in sessions every night where clients enter through the side door’.

He added that on Easter Monday (April 13) there were reports of a gathering and loud music upstairs.

He said: “At 10:58pm a further report, believed to be from another member of the public stated that the owners had thrown a party and they had seen footage on SnapChat.”

Town Centre CCTV operators found that a couple of people entering the premises and others having a cigarette.

He added: “At 11:46pm officers arrived on scene but couldn’t get a reply from the occupants. The officers could hear loud music and persons from the first-floor area.

“Upon entry six people were found, the manager and two others who did not live at the premises.”

On the pubs Facebook page, Ms Harrington said ‘due to the severity’ of the actions on Easter Monday that they needed a solicitor ‘to fight’ their corner.

She said: “I hope that if we win, we will have enough funds to actually reopen.

In April, Ms Harrington added that along with co-landlady Catherine Large, they felt as if their trust had been exploited. Ms Harrington added: “She has risked OUR business, without a thought for all the potential harm to others through the Covid contamination. Catherine and I closed early on March 20 to safeguard our staff and customers. We put others health before any financial gain.”