A COUPLE who are about to welcome their ninth child between them into their family have been hit with horrific news about their youngest.

Two-year-old Tallulah Bea Taylor was last week diagnosed with leukaemia, just weeks before her mum Michaela Kendall is due to give birth.

On Wednesday, June 10, Tallulah was being bathed by her dad Ben Taylor at their Accrington home when he noticed a couple of lumps on her neck.

After a visit to Royal Blackburn Hospital, 30-year-old mum Michaela Kendall and 34-year-old Mr Taylor’s world was turned upside down when they were sent to Manchester Children’s Hospital where the diagnosis was made.

The couple initially thought it was just swollen glands because Tallulah had not been ill.

Miss Kendall, who is 37 weeks pregnant, said: “I had to go home as I am heavily pregnant, but my partner stayed with her.

“I was in shock, why did it have to be her? You can’t put it into words, to be told your daughter has got leukaemia at two years old."

Tallulah started chemotherapy on Saturday.

Her mum said: “She is sick of being poked and prodded but you would not think there is anything wrong with her.

“She has been playing and drawing, being her usual self and says she is better now, because she doesn’t think she is ill.

“The worst part is yet to come, and I know she is going to get really ill, but we are focusing on getting her home.”

The shattering new came just as the couple were getting ready to welcome their second child together, both of them having children from previous relationships. Four boys are Miss Kendall’s, while Mr Taylor has a girl and two boys from a previous relationship.

Ms Kendall said: “It is not easy, but I cannot fault the maternity unit at Royal Blackburn Hospital because they have helped me and transferred my care to Manchester."

Once Miss Kendall is admitted onto the maternity ward, she will not be able to see Tallulah and her other children because of coronavirus visiting restrictions.

She said: “Looking after the new baby will give us something to focus on.

“Especially because we can’t see our other children during this time.

“It’s hard but we are going to get through this together.”

A fundraising page has been set up. To donate to the fund-raising page visit www.gofundme.com and search for Tallulah Bea.