A MAN with an extensive history of harassing people breached his current restraining order within hours of being released from prison where he had served a sentence for harassment.

Blackburn magistrates heard Raymond Walter Drobny telephoned his victim twice on the day he was released.

And the court was told he had 23 convictions for breaching restraining orders involving several people in what had previously been described as an "obsessive cycle."

Drobny, 66, of Hargreaves Street, Colne, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order by telephoning Andrew Backhouse. He was committed in custody to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on July 13.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, said the restraining was made in 2019 and was in force until 2024. Drobny was jailed in April for an earlier breach and was released on June 3.

"Within hours, if not minutes, Mr Backhouse received two missed calls," said Mr Bardsley. "His partner rand back the number later and immediately recognised the defendant's voice."

He said Drobny had previously been in a relationship with Mr Backhouse's partner's mother.

Richard Prew, defending, said his client blamed Mr Backhouse for the breakdown of his relationship.

"I have suggested it would be prudent for him to remove Mr Backhouse's number from his phone, removing the temptation to call him," said Mr Prew. "There is no suggestion from Mr Backhouse that he was caused any great harm or distress."