AN East Lancashire has added financial support to a revolutionary fitness-based recovery programme aimed at beating addiction.

Burnley-based Sarah Bentley Solicitors has provided support to The 180 Project, which operates from CrossFit Clitheroe and Delta Fox Blackburn, is a not-for-profit project where people recovering from addictions use exercise and training to break negative lifecycles and become the best version of themselves.

Sarah Bentley, owner of Sarah Bentley Solicitors, is an active member of at CrossFit Clitheroe and a trustee/director at The 180 Project.

She said she has seen first hand the sort of ‘incredible results’ that the project continues to achieve and has now agreed to become a corporate supporter.

She said: “I really believe in the work of and the principles underpinning The 180 Project. It has a vision to create a lasting recovery by breaking the vicious cycle of addiction, crime and prison and, most importantly, has been shown to work in practice.

“The programme combines functional fitness, education, life-coaching and peer support to help people become physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally well and socially connected.

“As a corporate supporter we hope to play a small part in further championing the cause and primarily assisting local people to fulfil their potential. It’s all about making a real change to save and transform lives.”

Caroline Sagar, chief executive of The 180 Project, said: “Our recovery programme is one of the first of its kind in the UK. We disrupt negative life cycles so people can live a happy and fulfilling life, and stop the devastating impact that addiction and crime has on individuals, families and communities.”

“But, as a charity, we need on-going financial support and it’s through the kind help of local business people like Sarah Bentley, that we are able to continue our work. We are delighted to welcome Sarah Bentley Solicitors as a corporate supporter.”

To become a corporate sponsor of the project email