Police have issued a stark warning to cannabis smoking youths after they damaged a fence allowing sheep and lambs to escape onto the road.

Officers from the Colne Neighbourhood Policing Team apprehended two young men in the woods between Priestfield Avenue and Heirs House Lane on Wednesday evening.

This is the second time in less than a month that police have issued a warning to anti-social teenagers in the town, as back in May they assured fed-up residents they would be increasing patrols in the area to combat the aggravating behaviour.

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A police spokesperson said: "We have received numerous reports of youths in the area smoking cannabis, leaving rubbish (plastic bottles) and causing damage to fencing, the result being that sheep and lambs escape onto the road.

"The youths that think they're sneaking off into the woods for a quiet spliff have no thought or comprehension of the effects this is having on their community.

"We shall continue to act robustly with anyone we find causing damage and behaving in an illegal manner.

"We thank members of the community for your continued support."