A MILKMAN who broke the jaw of a dog walker who threw a steaming bag of dog mess at his float has walked free from court.

Preston Crown Court heard how 60-year-old Andrew James McLeod had angered victim Arran Boyes after almost hitting him and his dog with his milk float.

That incident took place in Irwell Vale Road, Irwell Vale, at 7am on October 11, and it was when an incensed Mr Boyes saw McLeod’s milk float in nearby Aitken Street minutes later that he launched a bag of recently-collected dog mess at his vehicle.

The attack left the victim with a fractured jaw which needed a metal plate inserting.

Summing up the case, Judge David Potter said: “On October 11, 2019 you were, as you had been for the past 40 years, on your milk round. A milk round you had successfully worked on without any previous incident.

“Yet when a pedestrian, Mr Boyes, was aggrieved at the manner in which he perceived that you had been driving, in a moment of frustration he threw a bag containing dog excrement at your vehicle.

“It struck your vehicle. You had every right to remonstrate, to speak your mind at Mr Boyes for that. But you didn’t. You stopped your van, you got out and you launched an unprovoked and ferocious attack on that man.

“You punched him causing him to have a fracture to his jaw and for him to lose a tooth.”

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The court heard that Mr Boyes had to have surgery to fit a metal plate in his jaw and said the effects of the injury were ongoing.

When McLeod was arrested by the police he admitted that what he did was “wholly disproportionate” and wrong.

McLeod, of Cann Street, Tottington, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Defending, Mark Stuart said his client didn’t think he drove too close to Mr Boyes during the first incident and questioned how fast McLeod could have been driving in a milk float during the second encounter.

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Mr Stuart said: “As far as the defendant is concerned, if it was in a dog bag he would be surprised because it splashed onto his windscreen and side window. It could in fact be rather dangerous when he’s driving.

“He got out and reacted very badly. What the CCTV does show, in my submission, is there were a number of punches and they seemed to be grapplingr. Mr McLeod accepts there’s more than one punch because he’s lost his temper. He’s both ashamed and very remorseful, particularly with the injury the complainant received.”

Sentencing McLeod to 12 months imprisonment, but suspending it for two years, Judge Potter said he accepted there was no pre-meditation but some provocation in the incident.

Adding that jailing him would have a significant harmful impact on the community McLeod serves, Judge Potter said: “You stand before this court at the age of 60 thoroughly ashamed of your behaviour.”

McLeod was also ordered to complete 30 rehabilitation days, 120 hours' unpaid work and pay Mr Boyes £750.