A BOROUGH'S waste paper and cardboard collection service is to resume.

Ribble Valley Council is asking householders not to flood refuse collectors with stored rubbish as they start to clear the backlog.

Linda Boyer, its waste management officer, is suggesting leave residents leave a maximum of two sacks or the equivalent, such as a sack and box or two boxes, for collection to start with.

She has also asked householders not to put tissues used to blow noses in with their waste paper.

Ms Boyer said: "We would like to thank people for storing their waste paper during lockdown, but while our refuse teams clear the backlog we are suggesting they leave just two sacks or the equivalent for collection each week.

“For health reasons, we are also asking people not to put tissues they have used to blow their nose in their waste paper, or it won’t be collected for recycling.

“Our white sack service has been valued by local residents for many years and we appreciate residents' patience and support during these difficult times.”

"If people don’t have a white sack, they should put their waste paper in a closed cardboard box or bundle it with string but not leave boxes or bundles overnight in rain to ensure they don’t get too wet and fall apart when being picked up."

Waste paper and cardboard is collected from households in the north of the borough on the same day as green bins, while in the south it is collected on a blue bin day.