PARENTS are being warned that groups of youths ‘tombstoning’ and jumping off a rock in an Oswaldtwistle delph are an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

Tony Grogan was walking on Kemp Delph in Stanhill last weekend where teenagers and young people were jumping into the water from a height, as temperatures soared.

The 47-year-old from Oswaldtwistle is concerned about the easy access to the disused quarry site as some metal fencing has been knocked down.

He said: “It is well-known in the area for being a bit of a local beauty spot where people like to walk their dogs.

“I was out walking up there for my government approved walk and it was chockablock and the kids were jumping off the side.

“The railings and fencing have all been knocked down so you can just walk through and there is nothing to stop them getting on there.

“The metal fencing is heavy and it won’t just be kids on bikes who have done it. It would be someone stronger.

“It was so worrying and it is a tragedy waiting to happen. I don’t want to be here in July or August and thinking about somebody getting seriously injured or a fatality which could have been prevented.

“I am just concerned about when the warm weather returns during the summer then it will be worse if they are not stopped from getting on there.

“If the fencing was improved then that would help it.

“I would also say about putting a lifebuoy on there but in reality the likelihood is that it would be stolen or lost and it would not help anyone.”

Cllr Glen Harrison, who represents the St Oswalds ward, says that families should make young people aware about the dangers of jumping off the top rock.

He said: “Kemp Delph has historically been a place where generations have jumped from the top rock.

“The water has been cleaned up but people fly-tipped there and it was full of trolleys and rubbish.

“It was cleared but it is still not safe.

"All it takes is for someone to get their feet caught in the reeds under the water and it could be dangerous.

“Also someone could bang their head or drown.

“It is a change in culture that is needed to stop people doing it as there have been fathers who have done it and now their children are.”

Cllr Harrison added that he would report the issues to council chiefs to try and improve fencing.