People across the world took to the streets over the weekend to join the protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite unrest and violence in some parts of the country, including in London, where 14 people were arrested and 27 police officers hurt, as well as a police horse, the demonstrations remained largely peaceful.

Lancashire Telegraph: Darwen. Pic Credit: Katrina FieldingDarwen. Pic Credit: Katrina Fielding

In East Lancashire on Saturday, people in Darwen and Rawtenstall gathered in solidarity in support of the movement.

Concerns mounted over the aspect of social distancing due to the coronavirus, but according to demonstrators, the rules were observed and adhered to.

Images from Ingrid Falat show the Black Lives Matter protest in Rawtenstall, which started at 2pm.

She said: "A great afternoon, about 150ish folk came together, all socially distanced and masked of course.

"We listened to encouraging, emotive, dynamic speakers, and music, and spent some time in quiet reflection and prayer.

"There was no aggression, no violence and no litter.

"It was good to know that we were doing our bit towards eradicating racism at the same time as countless more in Darwen, Manchester and beyond."

Lancashire Telegraph: Rawtenstall. Pic Credit: Ingrid FalatRawtenstall. Pic Credit: Ingrid Falat

Photos from Jade Avison show how in Darwen, people congregated in the new market square, keeping their distance, as they lay down on the floor in a peaceful demonstration.

The recent protests were sparked by the death of 46-year-old George Floyd who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.

Councillor Dave Smith who represents Darwen West Ward on Blackburn with Darwen Council said: "If a protest is going to be organised people have to be aware of the current rules.

Lancashire Telegraph: Darwen. Pic Credit: Jade AvisonDarwen. Pic Credit: Jade Avison

"The last thing we want is another lockdown or a second wave of deaths.

"It would've been better if they could've waited until after lockdown but I understand their reasons for wanting to protest right now as it is supporting the movement and the recent events.

"Obviously I support the movement as people are standing up for what's right, but at the moment we need to be careful and make sure we are socially distancing."

Lancashire Telegraph: Darwen. Pic Credit: Katrina Fielding Darwen. Pic Credit: Katrina Fielding