A 25-YEAR-OLD drug dealer was found by police with heroin, crack cocaine and other paraphernalia.

Mohammed Jamil Khan was stopped on Preston New Road by the targeted crime team in April and was found in possession of several wraps of class A drugs, cash and a mobile phone.

He was arrested there and then and later charged with possession with intent to supply.

He was now pleaded guilty and has been jailed to 28 months in prison.

A police spokesman said: “On the 23rd April 2020 Mohammed Jamil Khan aged 25 years from Windermere Avenue, Blackburn was stopped on Preston New Road, Blackburn by the Targeted Crime Team and found to be in possession of numerous wraps of Crack Cocaine and Heroin along with cash and a mobile phone.

“He was arrested and later charged with Possession with intent to supply Crack Cocaine and Heroin.

“Khan has now pleaded guilty at his first opportunity and has been sentenced to 28 months in prison.”