NEW pictures have emerged of the mess left behind by partygoers who flocked to a popular beauty spot at the start of the week.

Hundreds of people were spotted using the Calf Hey, Ogden and Holden Wood Reservoirs, off the Grane Road this week to meet friends and drink in the sunshine.

Now plagued residents, who said they felt like they were ‘under siege’ at the time, have been left to clear up the mess and debris left behind by the revellers.

One member of the Grane Resident’s Association said: “My partner and I went down to Troy and Clough Head quarry to start of some litter picking.

“I’ve never seen such a state. We collected 13 bags and that was from one part of the quarry.

“The really sad part was that a load of the rubbish had blown down into the water where it couldn’t be reached.

“There’s so much wildlife down there with geese and their goslings swimming almost the litter.

“There is still so much litter to collect so all I ask is that if you take a walk that way, to take a bag with you to fill and take home.

“I know the people collecting it won’t be the people that dropped it, but if we don’t, who will?”

The police were called out to the Grane Road on Monday after those living in the area called in with concerns about parking along the dangerous road.

Officers ticketed 20 vehicles which were parked on the 50mph stretch, with it widely considered those using the road for parking were in attendance and the gatherings and meet-ups along the quarry and reservoirs.

Alongside the concerns raised over the mess left behind, many were also urging the partygoers to think twice about swimming in the water, after people were spotted floating in inflatable boats and jumping into reservoirs from the rocks.

Ward councillor for the area Peter Stansfield branded all of those involved as ‘idiots’ urging them to think twice before engaging in this kind of behaviour again.

He said: “All of these people involved are very selfish. Our firemen are out there fighting grass fires and the emergency services are stretched to their limits.

“What are these people thinking? They need to be hit where it hurts the most, in the pocket. Those parking dangerously should have their cars towed away and be made to pay.

“This has to be clamped down on.”