THE 21-year-old owner of a Mercedes AMG has been left without his wheels after the car was spotted travelling at speeds of up to 160mph on a motorway. 

The high-performance sports car was seized after the owner posted a video of the vehicle being driven at more than twice the speed limit on Facebook. 

The Mercedes A35 AMG was reported to have been driving at 103mph in a residential area of Bacup and at speeds of up to 160mph on the M61.

The video, showing the speedometer, was posted on Facebook in May and reported to police.

The vehicle, registered to a 21-year-old man from Whitworth, had been modified with a body kit and exhaust system, which, police have discovered, has not been declared to the insurance provider.

Earlier this week the Mercedes activated the automated number plate recognition technology while being driven along the M61 near the M6.

Officers investigating intercepted the car and it was seized under the Road Traffic Act, and has since been repossessed.

Now road safety campaigners have slammed the driver’s actions calling for him never to be allowed behind the wheel again.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said: “The shocking speeds show arrogance, stupidity and a frankly disgusting lack of regard for the safety of others.

“We urgently need a rehaul of our road culture, with speeding no longer tolerated and cycling and walking given priority investment. Lockdown has shown the value people place in quieter, safer streets and we must do all we can to maintain this momentum, starting with setting an example to those who brazenly flout the law and endanger lives.”

In May, a major operation named Manta Ray was launched by Lancashire Police to target speeding on the county’s road network.

The crackdown on drivers was announced after serious concerns were raised over the abuse of speed limits since the coronavirus lockdown began.

Over the last number of weeks, officers have spoken out about several shocking scenes on Lancashire’s roads, including one incident where a Porche driver was caught speeding at almost 100mph over the speed limit on the M65.

Earlier this week, an unmarked police car caught a Golf reaching speeds of up to 145mph on a stretch of the M61 near Chorley.

Manta Ray, which began on May 6, is focusing on high profile enforcement and education to road users and will target the main causes of road accidents - speed, driver impairment through drink or drugs, use of mobile phones, dangerous and careless driving.

PC David Benson of Lancashire Police said: “The registered keeper of the Mercedes has lost his vehicle and his bragging rights.

"We are now looking into the ludicrous speeds achieved, but, in the meantime, a very powerful car has been taken off the public roads and, in all probability, saved lives.”

Further enquires are ongoing relating to the speeding offences.

Anyone with information on the incidents is asked to contact 101 or email quoting log number 1635 of May 11th.