PEOPLE living close to a beauty spot have described how they have been ‘under siege’ with more than 100 people breaking through the gates of a quarry to party in the sunshine.

Families including young children and groups of teenagers have been spotted swimming in Ogden, Calf Hey and Holden Wood reservoirs, during the recent warm spell.

One witness even reported seeing people floating on one of the Grane Road reservoirs in a rubber dinghy, while others lined the shores in groups despite the coronavirus lockdown regulations forbidding large gatherings.

Piles of rubbish including nitrous oxide canisters, alcohol bottles and disposable BBQs were left behind by the revellers, left to locals to deal with after they had gone.

Now residents living in the area have spoken out about their despair, with a local councillor saying the party-goers need to be ‘hit where it hurts’ in a bid to crackdown on this kind of behaviour.

Resident Beryl Cumming said: “We are supposed to be in lockdown yet large groups of teenagers are having a party at the quarry where someone is going to get seriously hurt diving off cliffs into freezing cold water.

“They are taking crates of beer with them which no doubt they will leave behind. The sun on glass means there is then the risk of fire.

“It makes a mockery of us all staying in over these last ten weeks.”

On Tuesday evening, police officers ticketed more than 20 cars for irresponsible parking along Grane Road, with the general consensus being that motorists had parked along the stretch to gain access to the open-waters and shores.

A police spokesman said: “After complaints from local residents this evening we have ticketed over 20 vehicles on the Grane Road, Haslingden. Vehicles parking completely blocking the pavement forcing pedestrians into a 50mph road.”

One passer-by said: “Looks like the lockdown is well and truly over. Never before have these idiots deserved their fines more.”

One residents' group said those living along the Grane Road were ‘under siege’ as a result of people breaking into the quarry.

A spokesman for the Grane Road Residents Association added: “We’ve seen parents with children and an inflatable dinghy.

“The gate has been pulled off its hinges so people can get in.”

Ward councillor for the area Peter Stansfield branded all of those involved as ‘idiots’ urging them to think twice before engaging in this kind of behaviour again.

He said: “All of these people involved are very selfish. Our firemen are out there fighting grass fires and the emergency services are stretched to their limits.

“What are these people thinking? They need to be hit where it hurts the most, in the pocket. Those parking dangerously should have their cars towed away and be made to pay.

“This has to be clamped down on.”

Endless messages have also been issued by worried water bosses, who continuously speak of the stark danger involved with swimming in reservoirs.

Paula Steer from United Utilities said: “I would urge all parents to stress and stress again to young people, that no matter how inviting the water looks, it is deadly.”