Residents have been left angered and upset as weekend sunshine seekers left drug paraphernalia and beer cans on a Lancashire beach.

People from across the county flocked in their droves to Blackpool and Lytham on Saturday, but by Sunday morning, the aftermath of previous day's enjoyment was far from bright.

These images were taken on Sunday morning, by Blackpool resident Catlow Morris and her partner Lella, who were heartbroken when they discovered beer cans, plastic plates, and nitrous oxide cannisters littered across the sand.

Ms Morris said: "Come on Blackpool, we can do better than this.

"I go running most mornings along our beautiful coastline, which has been pretty much deserted throughout lockdown, but the past two days due to this feeling of lockdown being eased, the beach has been jam packed full of people, mostly teenage lads in groups of 10 or more and massive families with picnics and bottles etc.

"Of course people want to enjoy themselves in the sun, but aside from the lack of social distancing, I just don’t understand how people could leave all their s**t behind on the beach.

"If you have teenagers, please educate them on having some respect for nature and for other people who live here.

"The last thing Lella and I wanted to do at 7am on a Sunday was go round picking up other people’s beer cans and canisters and plastic picnic plates, but we love this beach and couldn’t leave it as it was.

"It’s heartbreaking to know it’ll be in exactly the same state tomorrow morning.

"Please just take your s**t home and stop expecting the world to clean up after you."

Ms Morris published the images on social media, and within hours her post had been shared more than 1,300 times and garnered thousands of comments.

She added: "So many people seem shocked by this so I think that shows that it’s a small minority of people who do this.

"A few people said I shouldn’t have finger pointed at teenagers, and I get that, but I was there yesterday and saw tonnes of lads in different groups, with cans and cannisters/balloons, so I don’t know how else I can jazz it up.

"And as I said, there were lots of families about too.

"If your kids are off out with a pocket full of balloons and some whipped cream just have a word.

"Do whatever drugs you like, just take it all home with you afterwards."

A spokesperson for Blackpool police said: "Once again, we are experiencing lots of visitors to Blackpool and Lytham St Anne’s.

"Please keep your family safe and ensure you have your children in sight at all times.

"The beaches and promenade are particularly busy and its really easy to lose track of their location.

"We would also like to remind you to observe government guidelines in relation to gatherings and social distancing."