TOWN centre residents are asking the council to allow them to park their cars without getting fines as they work from home during lockdown.

People living in the middle of Clitheroe have access to one parking permit per household, allowing one car to park in the designated bays.

However, as more and more people are working from home due to coronavirus restrictions, this has meant householders are being forced to move their second cars every two hours to avoid fines or find parking away from their homes.

Anna and Anthony Horne are working from home at Church Brow on their wallpaper business, Muriva Limited.

But, Mr Horne is being forced to move his car every two hours as he does not have a permit to park in the bays for any longer.

Mrs Horne said: “I am used to working from home days as I look after our 11-year-old son Victor.

“The bays are not only for residents but for shoppers too.

“So, we pay for one pass and then I don’t need to move mine if I park in a bay, but now that my husband is home too, he can’t park there.

“During the lockdown my husband parked near our home and he got a ticket.”

Mr Horne paid his fine quickly as he did not want to argue, but all of the residents in the area feel rules should be relaxed as there are few shoppers in town.

Mrs Horne said: “He is really fed up and our neighbours had the same thing happen to them.

“What are we supposed to do? We would gladly buy another permit if we were allowed to do so, but even in these circumstances they won’t allow it.

“It is really frustrating because they are not thinking about what people who live here are going to do.”

The residents can move their cars to a space just behind or in front as long as it is not in the same place again that day.

At the beginning of lockdown, no parking wardens were operating the area, leading residents to believe parking restrictions had been relaxed.

However, last week they started working again and giving out tickets to residents on Church Brow, Church Street and York Street.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We are continuing to enforce parking restrictions to ensure safety and smooth flow of traffic, which is as important as ever when access needs to be maintained for vital services.

"However, we are taking a more flexible approach with the understanding that traffic patterns, and parking needs, are currently different than in normal times, with a focus on enforcing restrictions which are most vital for safety."