THE fire service has yet again issued a warning about lighting barbecues or camp fires as they declared a major incident on Sunday evening after two large wildfires ravaged the county's countryside.

Crews from across Lancashire and Greater Manchester battled to extinguish a huge blaze on Darwen Moor which broke out just before 7pm on Saturday, while further resources and multiple firefighters from as far as Cumbria were sent to Longridge Fell on Sunday after a number of trees set alight just after 2pm.

The recent warm and dry weather conditions coupled with the high winds have created a perfect storm for wildfires to occur.

Fire chiefs said these type of incidents can take many days to extinguish and there remains the potential for similar fires to occur across the county, which would require Lancashire to ask for further support from other fire and rescue services.

Chief Fire Officer Justin Johnston said: "We know that the fire in Darwen was caused by a disposable barbecue and we have seen evidence of several small campfires at the fire in Darwen.

"These dry and warm weather conditions, combined with a strong wind, makes it so easy for fires like this to spread and they quickly burn underground in the peat and overground as well.

"We urge people to enjoy the moorlands but not light at barbecues or camp fires.

"They are not only putting the individuals at risk who are lighting them, but they also harm our firefighters, other people enjoying exercise on the moors and the wildlife on the moors.

"I’d like to thank all of our partners who are assisting us in fighting these fires including Lancashire Police, Greater Manchester and Cumbria fire and rescue services, United Utilities and Bolton Mountain Rescue.

"Finally, I am very proud of our firefighters and support staff here who have worked long hours and in difficult conditions."