Police have spoken to the person believed to be responsible for the Darwen Moor fire as ten fire engines and specialist vehicles, including the high volume pump, are to remain at the site on Monday.

Firefighters are expected to be battling the blaze, which has raged for almost two days, throughout the day, as fire service bosses drive home the warning to people to avoid using BBQs or campfires on the moors.

Lancashire Telegraph: Images courtesy of Burnley fire stationImages courtesy of Burnley fire station

The fire service released a video from assistant chief fire officer, Ben Norman, on Sunday, who spoke about the challenges and implications of a number of wildfires over weekend, and what people could do to help ensure there aren't further such incidents during the remaining dry spell the county is set to experience.

ACFO Norman said: "We've had a huge number of specialist assets working closely with the landowners, but sadly that means that we are going to have in the region of 50-60 firefighters through this Covid emergency, focused on an incident that was wholly avoidable.

"And that was somebody, by their own admission, they called the incident in and have since spoke to the police and given a full account of that fire, whilst not deliberate, was wholly avoidable, by virtue that you don't need to take a BBQ to enjoy the fabulous countryside that we've got."

Lancashire Telegraph: Image: Burnley fire stationImage: Burnley fire station

A spokesperson for the police said: "On Saturday evening we were called about a large fire in Darwen.

"Officers have attended and two men in their twenties were spoken to at the scene.

"No arrests were made, but the men will be further spoken with in relation to this incident at a later date."

Road closures have been put in place by the police at various locations surrounding the moor to allow the fire service to access the incident safely and swiftly.

A police spokesperson said: "There are road closures in place both ways at Belmont Road and Tockholes Road, close to the Royal Arms."

There is also a closure in place at Stones Bank Road and Longworth Road.

Pictures from Burnley fire station show their crews in attendance with the high volume pump, assisted by the helicopter, which dropped water onto the moor.

At 8pm on Sunday, the fire service announced they'd been working with multiple partners including United Utilities, Lancashire Police, Communtity 4×4 Reponse and Bolton Mountain Rescue to respond jointly to this incident.

Four fire engines remained at the site overnight on Sunday, until firefighting could resume in full at first light on Monday.

The fire, which is thought to have affected 5km of moorland is believed to have been started by a discarded barbecue.

Lancashire Telegraph: Image: Burnley fire stationImage: Burnley fire station

Just before 7pm Saturday, eight fire engines from Lancashire and Greater Manchester were sent to the moorland fire off Bolton Road, Darwen, along with a Polaris vehicle, two hagglund vehicles and the burn team.

At that stage forty firefighters were tackling the fire, which was covering an area approximately 300 yards by 200 yards, but was continuing to advance.

On Sunday morning a helicopter was sent to drop water onto the moors in a bid to stop the blaze from spreading, as incident command teams estimated the blaze was affecting approximately 5km of moorland.

The incident continues.