POLICE are warning drivers about parking opposite solid white lines.

Ribble Valley Police found many cars parked illegally opposite white lines in Cromwell Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

They have now warned that they will prosecute drivers if they see it again.

Their Facebook post read: " Educational post. As we have been driving round today we have seen many instances of people parking opposite solid white lines. "This is an offence punishable by 3 penalty points and a fine.

"The solid white lines are there to warn of potential danger spots such as blind bends.

"The example pictured is at Cromwell bridge. It is a fast road, and one of our main emergency blue light routes here in the Ribble Valley.

"It is also used by cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Not to mention large agricultural vehicles. The lines are there for your safety.

"Please consider this as fair warning and education, and that from tomorrow we will start prosecuting drivers in contravention of the white lines."

Sgt Kev Day then took to the comments to explain why they could not prosecute all of the cars parked illegally at the time.

He said: "We are not physically able to prosecute every vehicle committing this offence in the Ribble Valley tonight, but we are hopeful that we can get the message out that this is an offence (not everyone has memorized the Highway Code).

"I am a big believer in giving fair warning where discretion allows and is appropriate."

He then stated they would be taking a less tolerant approach today.

He said: "It is worth noting that if we put a ticket on each of the vehicles for this offence or Unnecessary Obstruction we would have to remove the vehicles and we simply don't have the resources to do that.

"I can feel the frustration of some who feel that we should take a less tolerant view, but I am afraid there is method in our madness."