A DISQUALIFIED driver was caught behind the wheel twice within two months.

Blackburn magistrates heard both times he was spotted by police Adnan Rashid drove off at speed.

But the court was told he denied racing away from the police when he became aware they had seen him.

Rashid, 32, of Percy Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to two charges of driving while disqualified and one of using a handheld mobile phone while driving. The case was adjourned evidence could be obtained to establish the facts.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, said the first incident was in March when an officer was keeping watch on a car he knew was used by Rashid, who had been disqualified in December.

"He saw Rashid get into the driver's side and drive towards the officer," said Mr Bardsley.

"As they passed there was eye contact before the defendant drove off at high speed."

The second incident was on Monday when Rashid was seen driving while using a mobile phone.

"The officer signalled for him to stop but instead he put the phone down and drove off at high speed," said Mr Bardsley.

"The officer was aware he was disqualified because he had dealt with him two months earlier."

Rashid was found at his home, with the car outside, and he was arrested.

John Rusius, defending, said his client had been on local errands both times he was spotted by the police and admitted his guilt.

"He disputes driving off at speed," said Mr Rusius.

"He accepts he saw the police on both occasions and drove off but not at speed."

Deputy District Judge Phil Barnes said driving off at speed would be a seriously aggravating feature and asked the prosecutor to get further information from the police.