For many schools across East Lancashire, it's back to business tomorrow, as pupils from reception and year six filter into classrooms in a phased return to education.

The decision by Lancashire County Council to allow their authority-run schools to re-open on June 1, at the discretion of headteachers and governors, has been met with much controversy, least not from our readers and social media users.

A poll conducted earlier this week asking whether parents would be sending their children back to school tomorrow, showed 75 percent of readers would not be doing so.

And only a quarter of those who took part in the vote said they'd be taking their kids back to the school gates, with varying reasons for their decisions.

Commenting on Facebook, Claire Stewart said: "Absolutely. This is not magically going to disappear anytime soon.

"I feel it's something we need to learn to live with and adapt to and get back to a new normal way of life."

Tracey James said: "It's down to the parents. Just as long as they are not being hypocrites.

"Don't be on Facebook shouting the odds about your kids not going to school but then take them to Blackpool."

Natalie Holtappel commented: "Our two will go back on June 8.

"I have every confidence in our school to do the best they possibly can under the circumstances and I'm happy the risk is low.

"We've got to take baby steps back to normality - and the scaremongering photos of kids sat in chalk squares is not helpful."

Meanwhile, Karen Allan said everyone's circumstances will be different, and there should be other things children are allowed to do before returning to the classroom.

She said: "My child isn't going back as she's not in those years.

"Children should be allowed to see family before re-opening schools and shops though."

Kayleigh Jackson said: "They won't be able to work on the normal curriculum with hardly any kids anyway so what's the point in putting them through it, it's not going to be anything like the school that they once knew.

"Wait till September and start a fresh."

But many of you were also worried about the implications for vulnerable members of the family.

Mary Joanna Stannard said: "What about children who are shielding a parent who is having chemotherapy for terminal cancer?

"The forgotten ones who have no choice and are now never mentioned in any Government broadcast?"

Andrew Peacock commented: "Nope. My four-year-old has a heart condition and blood disorder.

"The nasal flu jab made her collapse at school and an air ambulance was on standby for her.

"So all three will not going back in order to protect her."

Whereas some readers were strong in their opinions that the phased return is just too soon.

Simon Bloxsom said: "Mine will not be going to school in June. If it's safe enough will send in September."

Coby Mountain said: "No. Kids are not Guinea pigs."

Khurram Shahzad said: "Not a chance, way too soon."

Others, like Terri Leigh, had different opinions though, saying: "For the sake of opening five weeks before the summer holidays and attending two days a week (which is what our school has suggested), I don’t think I’ll bother upsetting her new routine for 10 days at school.

"I am not worried about her catching Covid-19, I just don’t think she needs a ‘newer’ normal which will then change again in a few weeks."

Matthew Chadwick commented: "Mine isn't because they don't have a enough room to put the measurements in place.

"They are doing one week on, two weeks off, so my daughter would be going back for a total of 12 days.

"How is that meant to work when normality is getting going again?"

Lancashire County Council said it will support the decisions made by their schools, and if a school does agree to accept more pupils, parents will not be fined by the council if they decide not to send their children.