POLICE PAVA-sprayed two men and a teenager who they say tried to fight them when they turned up to break up a birthday party which had got out of hand.

Immediate response officers were called to Dunnyshop Avenue, Accrington, at 12.30am today following reports that a birthday party had got out of hand and guests were fighting in the street.

Officers said that when they arrived at the scene three males attempted to fight them but desisted when PAVA spray was used.

The males, who are 15, 27 and 30, were all arrested on suspicion of public order offences and remained in custody this morning.

Police have also vowed to clamp down on anybody organising or attending any mass gatherings in breach of coronavirus lockdown rules.

A police spokesman said: “Team one officers have arrested three males at Dunnyshop Avenue, Accrington, on suspicion of public order offences.

“Police received reports that a birthday party at the location had got out of hand with people fighting amongst themselves in the street.

“Officers have attended the location and on arrival have been met by a barrage of abuse from the ‘would be party animals’ who thought that it would be a good idea to try and fight the officers.

“With a helpful spritz of PAVA the male’s tails went quickly between their legs and they were whisked away to the wonderful world of Greenbank Custody.

“Just to be clear, although the lockdown rules may have been relaxed, that doesn’t mean that people can have mass gatherings within their houses that then turn to violence.

“People who organise or attend any of these sorts of events will be dealt with accordingly as Covid-19 fines can still be issued to anyone in breach of the rules.”