A collaboration between several community groups will see more than 200 lunch parcels delivered to those in need in a single afternoon.

On Sunday, a band of generous volunteers will be pounding the pavements and delivering food packages to vulnerable people living in the Grimshaw Park area of Blackburn.

Organised by Benefit Mankind, the drop-off is a joint collaboration between the charity and other not-for-profit organisations across the town, including Rummage Rescuers, Community Spirit and Carole Davis who runs the Clifton Arms.

Talha Mulla, who volunteers for the aid charity, Benefit Mankind, said: "We did some work in Whalley a few weeks ago.

"We know there are people in need who use social media and can go online to access and find out what help is available to them.

"But what about those who don't have social media?

"We went door to door asking if people needed any help and we had a huge response, so we thought, why not do the same thing in Grimshaw Park.

"The whole idea is to work with other community groups who are also doing great things during the coronavirus crisis to show we can break down barriers and help those in need together."

Carole Davis who runs the Clifton Arms in Blackburn said: "We've all been doing our individual bits to help the community but thought it would be a great idea to collaborate and show that together we can really make a difference.

"We've created packages filled with snacks and different meals and will be trying to cover most houses in Grimshaw Park where we know there'll be vulnerable people needing a bit of extra help."

MP for Blackburn, Kate Hollern, is also expected to be in attendance to show her support for the community and join in with the delivery.

The joint collaboration lunch drop-off will be starting at the Clifton Arms from 2pm on Sunday.