LAST night little Bobbie Clark clapped for the last time for her very own NHS heroes.

The four-year-old who lost her hands and feet after contracting meningococcal septicaemia (meningitis B) when she was just two years old, has stayed up past her bedtime every week to clap for the NHS.

Although her mum Megan Clark, said her little girl has only recently started asking why she doesn't have hands like other children, she said her efforts at clapping have been ' phenomenal'.

Megan, 26, from Mellor said: "Bobbie has come such a long way and we are out every night at 8pm clapping for our NHS heroes.

"She does everything that children her age do, but she has recently started asking why she hasn't got hands and feet like other children but we always remain positive."

Back in 2018, Bobbie fought for her life as she battled meningitis and is lucky to be alive.

Megan, who also has a son aged three, said: "We are slowly getting there after the devastation of Bobbie contracting the disease. It has been a difficult journey but we are positive and Bobbie is happy."

As Bobbie grows, she will need prosthetic limbs and will soon be fitted with a bionic arm when lockdown is over.

Megan said she is constantly trying to raise money for Bobbie who will need to changer her prosthetics as she grows.

The mum-of-two added: "We did our first ever fundraiser this year but there will be many more to come. The prosthetics that the NHS provide are adequate but we want help her have the best as she grows up."

As the last clap for the NHS took place last night and Megan said that she is grateful for the NHS.

Megan said: "We again would like to say a massive thank you to all key workers and NHS staff who go above and beyond with their jobs. They helped save our little girl's life and continue to save so many others throughout this trying time. Thankyou we really do appreciate you and that's why Bobbie is here now."

To help support Bobbie in the future, CLICK HERE.