Social distancing measures have been put in place on Northern trains, as the rail company make moves to keep their carriages safe for passengers.

Images were posted on social media on Wednesday, showing 'out of use' signs on a large number of seats to try and ensure the two metre rule is maintained for all those needing to travel on the rail network.

Tweeting the images, Chaplain to the North West rail network Mike Roberts said: "Social distancing measures on the new Northern trains to encourage safe distances between essential users.

"Please limit your journeys - there are some examples of trains with too many passengers.

"It’s an imperfect system for an extraordinary time allowing trains that weren’t designed to social distance to be used for train operating companies to follow current government guidance.

"The out of use signs aren’t permanent coverings and they allow people to be advised how to use them.

"Every system is constantly under review and amendment, and adjustments to make it as appropriate as possible to the current passenger requirements."

The move comes after Northern introduced a new timetable, which came into effect on May 18, in order to help key workers travel to and from work.

Passengers taking journeys have been told to wear face masks as the new timetable sees more trains on some routes.

A Northern spokesperson said: "Due to social distancing, there will be significantly reduced capacity on each and every one of our trains.

"We’re therefore calling on people to help us keep the railway clear for those who need it most and to only take the train if there’s no other way to travel.

"Those customers who have to travel by train should plan ahead, check the new timetable, and consider whether journeys are absolutely essential."