A SIX-year-old boy deserves his own round of applause after his big 'Batman' idea saw striking images of giant blue clapping hands projected onto Lancashire landmarks.

Elliott Berry came up with the idea of projecting a Batman-like beam onto buildings - including Clitheroe Castle, Blackpool Tower and the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston.

His artist dad, Ian, made the blue hands from denim – a material he uses for all his highly-distinctive artwork.

Ian, 36, said: “It’s great that people support the NHS by clapping but we’ve tried to take it to another level by projecting onto buildings in the hope that people who clap will now think about donating as the NHS really does need the money along with the moral support. A fiver from every family who makes that effort every Thursday will mean such a huge difference.”

It all began when Elliott took a photo of Ian clapping. The London-based artist turned it into artwork using denim and then projected it on a building near their home. Projectionists across the UK saw what he had done and then did the same in their towns and cities, from Lancashire to London and even as far away as Brazil.

Ian said: “I know several people who have caught coronavirus and so wanted to thank the NHS workers and all the other frontline workers from bus drivers to supermarket staff.

“This all started because Elliott loves clapping. He gets so excited every Thursday night and he now sees NHS workers as superheroes. When I finished the artwork Elliott wanted to see it on a projector. The next minute we were beaming it off our balcony onto a building and an idea was born.

“Now, with the help of friends, family and followers, a piece of art showing a simple clap has been projected on walls across the world. It’s truly incredible what humanity can do when we all come together, but it doesn’t stop there. Let’s expand this movement of gratitude and the idea of the clapping hands artwork will continue to evolve in the months ahead.”

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