A THUG who subjected his estranged partner to a hotel room beating with chairs and a telephone after a drunken visit to Manchester’s Christmas markets has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard that months earlier father-of-one George Landon had dragged his victim by her hair through broken glass during an attack in her own home.

Prosecuting, Paul Cummings said Landon had been in a relationship with his victim for around six years but they separated last October.

At midday on October 6, Landon telephoned the victim to say he wanted to go to her Great Harwood home to collect his belongings.

Mr Cummings said the woman told Landon to stay away because he had nothing left at her property.

Landon, 27, threatened to come over to the flat and smashed the door in.

When he did in fact arrive 30 minutes later the victim opened the door with the intention of telling Landon to go away.

However, after wedging his foot in between her and the front, Landon pushed his victim into the house.

Mr Cummings said: “They were in the hallway were arguing. It seems there is second door in the hallway made of glass. Whilst they were arguing that door got broken and the glass went onto the floor.

“At this point the defendant grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down onto the floor and that meant she was then kneeling on the glass which was broken. It seems he wanted to drag her out of the house but the effect of that was to drag her along the floor on the broken glass.

“She immediately realised she was being cut by the glass and she was injured, and she was pleading for him to stop.”

Mr Cummings said an ambulance was called and the victim received treatment for cuts and bruises but didn’t go to hospital until the following day because of the child in the house.

The court heard that the woman only reported the attack in November when Landon was arrested for a second incident involving her, which he has never been prosecuted for.

However he was released on bail for that matter in November, while police investigated the complaint.

Despite the bail condition for Landon not to contact his victim, Mr Cummings said that they had made an arrangement to stay over together in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manchester, on December 14 and visit the Christmas markets.

After checking into the hotel the pair had drinks in the city centre but later in the evening Landon got into an argument with a group of men.

At first the victim tried to intervene but a drunken Landon then hit her on the back of the head.

She then went back to the hotel alone and fell asleep.

Mr Cummings said: “She was awoken by the defendant who returned to the room some time later.

“He took her mobile phone off her and struck her on the head with it, he threw some takeaway food at her and he hit her twice with a chair. During the course of this assault he told her to stop crying. He said ‘I’ll hurt you more if you don’t stop’. He also punched her to the face and to the leg.

“He then decided to roll a cigarette or a joint, so she took that opportunity to leave the room and she ran down the corridor. He chased her down the corridor, grabbed her and began to drag her back to the room.

“It was then that other people staying in the hotel intervened, the police were called and the defendant was arrested.”

The court heard the woman had several cuts and bruises over her body and £800 of damage was caused to the hotel room.

Landon, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Defending, Gerard Doran had turned to drink after the death of both of his parents in quick succession.

He said his client had shown genuine remorse and that his time on remand since December 16 – his first experience of custody – had been an unhappy experience.

Mr Doran said: “The loss of both parents left him with a great deal of responsibility. His father had been a drinker and regrettably Mr Landon took to drink once his father had died and more so when his mother died. He does acknowledge that alcohol has played a significant part in the offences for which he is to be sentenced. He has expressed a real desire to tackle that problem.

Judge Simon Newell jailed Landon for 16 months.