I would like to share a letter which I felt compelled to send to the Right Honourable MP for South Ribble.

I write to express my deep dissatisfaction and righteous anger at the way the Prime Minister has dealt with the issue of Dominic Cummings going against the government's strict instructions during this period of lockdown.

 As a constituent who voted for Conservative during the general election, I need to tell you in the strongest possible terms, this is not the leadership I voted for.

Like most of the UK, I am angry for a number of reasons.

1. My wife and I both came down with similar symptoms and when we called 111, we were told to stay home and self isolate. We have two babies, two-years-old and three-years-old.

Our nearest family support is in Manchester and at NO TIME did we even consider acting on 'instinct' as 'any parent' would do. I find this insulting in the extreme.  

We did what was asked of us, as hundreds of thousands across the UK have done, and suffered.  

Our home (defined as the place in which we live at least more than 51% of the time), was like a scene at of a horror film after nine days of suffering.

2. When we felt better, did we get in our car and drove to a beauty spot over 30 miles away?  

Even though we have such wonderful outdoor areas within a 30-mile reach?  
The answer was NO, we didn't.  

We have stayed indoors, this whole time, except to do essential shopping and to go to work (my wife is a care worker at Sue Ryder care home in Preston).  

This is a further breach of the non-essential travel instructions we were instructed to follow. This is an OUTRAGE!  

Will you be calling on those fines issued to the general public for violation of the travel restrictions, to be repealed?

The integrity of rules is surely now questionable in this regard and cannot be upheld legally?

3. Perhaps the reason why I feel the most outrage, is the way in which Dominic Cummings responded..."I don't care what it looks like.....".  

This is a slap in the face for all decent, law-abiding citizens who acted with the highest degree of integrity and humanity for the good of the NHS and the vulnerable, not like that piece of scum. 

I expect and demand that you make the most vociferous and forceful remonstrations, continuously, to the Prime Minister and the cabinet on behalf of the people who voted you in, until this matter is resolved with the resignation or dismissal of Dominic Cummings.  

I have never in my life felt the need to write to my MP, this is a first for me, that is a measure of how strongly I feel about this abuse of privilege.

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