Britain’s Got Talent fans were amazed on Saturday night by a Clitheroe teenager’s incredible magic trick.

Jasper Cherry, 14, wowed judges and audience members with a trick in which he took a red hanky in his hand and, as if by magic, turned it into an egg while still in his fist.

Jasper then revealed his secret to an enthralled audience.

He said: “Today, I actually thought it would be fun to teach you the trick. 

“Everything isn’t quite as it seems, because look, there’s a hole in the back of the egg and that’s where I’ve hidden another handkerchief.”

He continued: “So you take out your red handkerchief and you say you’re going to push it into your fist but what the audience don’t know is that it’s actually going into the hole.

“So then you snap your fingers and show, look, it’s an egg and the handkerchief is back in your pocket.”

However, there was one final twist in the tale when Jasper, having shown the audience the hole in the back of his egg, then suddenly smashed it on the side of a wine glass, revealing that it was a real egg after all.

Jasper’s trick left Ant and Dec open mouthed and earned him a standing ovation from the judges and cheers from the crowd. A unanimous vote from the judges put him through to the next round.