THE RSPCA in Leyland last Tuesday rescued a duck that had become trapped in a cage on a pond in Marron Close.

The cage is used to allow small fish to breed away from larger ones and had been placed at the bottom of the pond.

However, the cage had risen to the surface, where the duck became trapped inside.

Animal Welfare Officer David Hatton said: “The poor duck was well and truly stuck in the cage and in quite a predicament as we believe he’d been trapped for a few days.”

The RSPCA first received a call about the duck on Tuesday and dispatched Mr Hatton, alongside fellow animal welfare officers Johnny Brook and Alison Wilford to rescue the bird.

They were able to row a rescue boat across the pond to reach the cage at its centre.

Mr Hatton said: “Thankfully he wasn’t injured, just very hungry but otherwise okay.

“The duck was very lucky as we were able to release him straight away.”

The charity has more than 1,400 wildlife currently in its care and is continuing to rescue animals in need throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

Animal rescuers at the charity have been designated key workers by the Government but vital funding is needed to help the RSPCA’s frontline staff continue this crucial work across England and Wales.

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