A dad-of-two who only took up running last year has been pushing himself to the limits during Ramadan by running 5km everyday while fasting.

And on Sunday, the final day of Ramadan, the 32-year-old will take to the pavements to complete a gruelling half-marathon, all in aid of raising funds to build water wells in villages across Africa.

Raja Aslam from Blackburn said it made sense for him to run during the Islamic fasting month as it brought home how fortunate he is to have access to clean, safe water whenever he wants.

Mr Aslam said: "Last June my mate selected me to run a 5km Race For Life at Witton Park.

"I had a week to train and take part, and four days to raise some money.

"Since then I've done a 7.5km, 10km and two half marathons.

"The next step was the big one - the London Marathon and luckily I got a charity place with the Penny appeal."

However, when the Marathon was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, Mr Aslam decided to continue his training throughout Ramadan and try to raise the money anyway.

He said: "I chose the Penny appeal because they build water wells in less fortunate communities in Africa.

"I realised we are very lucky to have access to safe and clean water, and I wanted to support those in need.

"So throughout Ramadan I've been running 5km everyday as well as fasting.

"It's been tough. It's been painful too as I'm not used to running like this on consecutive days.

"And last week when it was really warm, that was hard.

"I run at different times each day, but as soon as the sun sets I try to drink at least three litres of water."

On Sunday, to complete what he's been calling his 'Ramadan 5k Runs', Mr Aslam will run a half marathon between Turf Moor and Ewood Park.

He added: "It's going to be a struggle, I'm not going to lie, but everyone on social media, and my family and friends have been so supportive.

"So far I've managed to raise more than £5,000, so hopefully by the rescheduled London Marathon date in October I'll have reached my £8,000 target."

To donate to Mr Aslam's appeal, visit justgiving.com/raja-aslam20