OVER a hundred car enthusiasts made their way in convoy to Royal Blackburn Hospital to participate in the weekly clap for carers event – fuelled by beeping horns, revving engines and flashing headlights.

Car owners from all across Lancashire and the North West made their way along Haslingden Road and into the hospital’s car park for 8pm to show their appreciation for all of the doctors, nurses and staff working on the frontline through the coronavirus pandemic.

Lewis Hughes, who runs motoring enthusiast group ‘M65 Convoys’, arranged the event by asking members if they would join him on a convoy to the hospital.

Before long over 100 motoring fans confirmed their attendance, all keen to show some appreciation to staff at the hospital.

Some vehicles were decorated with British flags while others were adorned in bright colours and messages to NHS staff.

Drivers beeped their horns and revved their engines as the clock struck 8pm, in unison with millions around the country clapping for frontline staff.

Mr Hughes said: “There was an amazing turnout of people, all there to give something back to all of those putting their own health on the line for us during this pandemic.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to all of those who came out to participate as we all made this happen.

“It took me almost a week to get this approved by all the authorities including Blackburn council.

“We plan to do the same again next week but this time over at Burnley General to let them know their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.”

Now many of the participants have commented on how good the event was, praising Mr Hughes for organising it.

One driver, Dan Turner said: “Nights like this make all the messing worthwhile. This feeling we all have tonight - you can’t pay for things like what happened tonight.

“Cars, trucks, bikes - allsorts together as one to praise the people who keep this country ticking.”