A 22 YEAR old man kicked off when his mum said she had washed his pyjamas.

Blackburn magistrates heard Hamza Ashgar started throwing things around the house forcing his mum to flee to a neighbour's.

When she returned with the police his mum discovered Ashgar had smashed windows and punched a hole in an internal wall.

Ashgar, of Buccleuch Road, |Nelson, pleaded guilty to criminal damage. He was ordered to pay £300 compensation and made subject to a restraining order which prohibits him from entering Buccleuch Road.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said the defendant's mother was in the kitchen cooking when he came in and asked where his pyjamas were.

"When she told them she had washed them he wasn't happy and started throwing things around the kitchen," said Mrs Yates. "His mother says she no longer wants him at her house."

Ian Huggan, defending, said his client asked him to apologise for his behaviour.

"We are in a strange situation at the moment and lockdown perhaps isn't helping people with their emotions and their ability to deal with them," he said. "He has had two nights in the police cells to think about his behaviour."