‘GHOSTS and ghouls’ have not been taking part in lockdown say paranormal experts.

Social distancing restrictions have put paid to tours of Accrington’s former police station by the Most Haunted Experience.

But the company is running live 24/7 feeds from the venues, which are set to continue until November.

Scheduled events were either cancelled or postponed due to pandemic concerns. So the company set up cameras to capture ‘unexplained occurrences’ on the site, meaning paranormal fanatics can still get their spooky fix.

Jenny Bryant, said: “We have put in a number of cameras in the police station in the courts and we are also putting another one up in the basement this week to investigate more paranormal activity.

“We have had a few doors closing on their own without any notice and then also there was the tripod and camera shook and moved two foot across the corridor.

“That was in the middle of the night and we thought there must have been an earthquake or something and we checked it out.

“It was just something out of the normal that we have not seen there.

“It is very strange and only three days ago a door slammed closed then people are hearing footsteps and loud voices in the middle of the night.

“You would not expect to get noises out of the courts and voice pollution coming out of the courts because of what they would have discussed there.”

There are four cameras covering the cells, the lobby, the court room and a ‘trigger object room’ where objects have been placed in the hope they will move of their own accord.

It is said that it is not the first time the court house and police station have been found to have strange goings-on as last July ghost-hunters became locked in one of the cells.

Visit: www.mosthauntedexperience.com/ghost-cams. There is a £5 fee for six months’ viewing.