A BROADBAND company has assured residents it is not installing 5G telecoms network technology despite concerns.

Internexus is in the middle of installing wireless broadband via telegraph poles in Blackburn.

Conservative Livesey and Pleasington ward Cllr Derek Hardman reiterated that the installation does not include 5G after many residents appeared concerned about the work.

The company posted a notice on its website as 5G theorists continue to speculate on whether 5G installations is causing coronavirus, which has then led to abuse towards the engineers working.

Cllr Hardman said: “Internexus are continuing their rollout of wireless broadband, which is achieved via a network of telegraph poles carrying fibre cables and telecom cabinets and masts which broadcast out the signal.

“They are single telegraph poles to carry fibre internet cables – there are no 5G installations taking place.

These do broadcast out a signal, but again that signal is very weak and is not strong enough to penetrate through walls.

Residents also complained they had not been consulted prior to works being carried out.

Cllr Hardman said: “They don’t require planning permission to install as they come under permitted development, and there is no consultation process to inform residents as they are being installed on the public highway.

“The only requirements are for statutory notices to be attached to the poles after the installation has taken place, informing members of the public on who the code operator is.”

Internexus themselves put out a statement regarding its work.

It said: “Sadly, we have noticed a lot of misinformation about 5G technology currently being deployed by mobile phone operators and its supposed link to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This has resulted in damage to critical national infrastructure in parts of the country at a time when people in isolation are relying on telecommunications more than ever.

“For the avoidance of all doubt, there is categorically no link whatsoever between the 5G technologies, or any kind of wireless network technology for that matter, and the COVID-19 virus.”

The list of streets in which poles are to be installed include Alan Shearer Way, Anyon Street, Bank Top, Burnley Road, Byrom Street, Clarendon Road, Haslingden Road, Hereford Road, Longshaw Street, Shadsworth Road, St Peter Street, Tintern crescent and Whalley New Road.

For any residents that have concerns about an installation taking place, contact Internexus on 01282 777711.